Firm Vision

We provide high quality work with integrity, exceptional communication, and peace of mind to our clients. Internally, we create a collegial environment and culture that allows people to grow and expand in all aspects of their careers. This commitment empowers us to provide excellence in every aspect of our work with our clients. To fulfil on our promises to our clients and each other we value the relationships we build, our team, communication, growth, integrity, trust, and fun.

Core Values

RELATIONSHIP - The consummate service our clients experience stems from our commitment to building meaningful, respectful relationships. We take pride in the fact that our strong internal relationships and teamwork are the overarching “face of the firm.” We empower each other by trusting ourselves and our colleagues to make good decisions. Both internally and externally, we establish role clarity, set clear expectations and work together to resolve confusion. We also establish clear and respectful boundaries in all our relationships.


TEAM - At Vaibhav. M. Mittal & Co., we put the team first, supporting one another no matter what happens. Working together, we strategize to select the right player for a particular role, task or project. This true teamwork engenders in our clients a sense of loyalty and conveys to them what is already certain, that we are “on their side.” As clients witness this commitment to teamwork and loyalty in our daily interactions, especially under challenging circumstances, they appreciate the deep sense of trust it creates and how it shows in the services we provide.


COMMUNICATION - Effective communication is the hallmark of our strong relationships. We take great care to be concise, and complete while still being conversationally genuine in all situations. In order to effectively communicate our expertise and knowledge in a professional manner, we devote significant energy to explaining both problems and solutions in understandable terms. We explain answers and solutions in an understandable way. We effectively communicate our expertise and knowledge in a professional manner, and we clarify and manage expectations, with customers and, by emphasizing strong communications with each other.


GROWTH - Client satisfaction in the breadth and depth of our expertise is paramount to achieving our firm’s vision. Honouring our promise to provide our clients with “peace of mind” requires that we each personally commit to expanding our knowledge through ongoing learning opportunities. In supporting each other in our growth, we are able to better serve our clients. We are innovative and take pride in making our clients happy with our creative and thoughtful solutions. We build expertise in specialized matters to better assist our clients.


INTEGRITY - At Vaibhav. M. Mittal & Co., integrity is the essence of who we are. We do what isright regardless of whether it is or whether others are watching. We are truthful with our clients and with each other.


TRUST - Trust is the foundation on which we build every relationship. We each take personal responsibility for the candor, care and compassion necessary to build a dynamic of trust with our team because we know that this dynamic allows clients to trust us with their most sensitive information and their most important business and personal affairs. Firmly rooted in a foundation of trust, we are able to provide high-calibre work that fulfils the promises stated in our vision.


FUN - We believe that you do quality work with integrity and trust, good relationships and fun follow naturally. We do our best work when we are having fun. Enjoying what we do creates comfortable relationships both among colleagues and with clients. We take our work, not ourselves, seriously because we know that doing so reduces stress and allows us to better serve our clients’ needs.

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